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We aim to present the community with a handbook for best practices in IDG, as well as guidelines and templates for data sharing agreements. We will engage a wider community of stakeholders, experts in the community, to provide feedback on these documents, which will be made accessible..

Project resources

The IDG Handbook

The IDG Handbook containing a summary and collection of laws and regulations pertaining to IDG in various geographies with an emphasis on the inclusion of information for in high income countries (HIC) (such as USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK and France) as well as low and middle income countries (LMIC) (such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Cameroon, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay)

Web portal

A web-portal hosting a catalog and a dashboard with guidelines and templates for data sharing agreements and other related documents.

Community development and capacity building

  • An annual global workshop which will include representatives of all stakeholder communities, regional researchers, policy makers and funders
  • Two annual regional workshops (one in Latin America, one in Africa)
  • Additional ad hoc, culturally-appropriate stakeholder engagement activities spearheaded by local regional IDG Ambassadors